I was a SAP technical consultant from January 2005 until July 2007, working on various development and support projects. Since August 2007, I have been a PhD candidate working on closed-loop reservoir management. My research project is to apply concepts from systems and control, particularly optimal control, to reservoir engineering problems. Nonlinear optimization and optimal control are coupled together. Therefore my work is heavily used ideas from those fields. For examples, solving optimizations of oil reservoir water flooding and parameter estimation (history matching). It is really an exciting research area. A challenging universe !


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Halo..senang sekali menemukan blog ini 🙂 saya mahasiswa matematika dan sedang menekuni bidang teori sistem dan teori kendali..jadi, rasanya seperti menemukan teman di belantara maya…
    tapi,lama ga update yaa

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