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Bibi Anu

terlintas di feed facebook tentang tembang Bali ini. maknanya cukup dalam dan bijaksana. sayang jika tidak didokumentasikan disini.

berikut adalah copy-paste dari feed itu.


Teringat waktu kecil dulu sering kali mendengar orang”tua matembang BIBI ANU,hebatnya tetua Bali dahulu menyelipkan nasehat dalam sebuah lagu yg sederhana…

BIBI ANU=siapa saja
LAMUN PAYU LUAS MANJUS=yg ingin membersihkan/mensucikan diri
ANTENGE TEKEKANG=anteng=rajin,tekek=erat/kuat
YATNAIN NGABE MESUI=waspadalah terhadap musuh(dalam diri)
TIUK PUNTUL=tiuk=bermakna senjata tajam(cerdas),puntul=tumpul(bodoh)
BAWANG ANGGON PASIKEPAN=bawang mmberi pengaruh dingin yg artinya welas asih dn kebijaksanaan,pasikepan=bekal

Jika digabungkan kurang lebih akan berbunyi :

Kepada siapa saja yang ingin mencari kasujatian diri haruslah rajin dan punya kemauan/disiplin yg kuat
Selalu waspada terhadap musuh yg ada di dalam diri.
Kecerdasan yg kelak dimiliki jangan dipakai membodohi orang lain
Kasih sayang dan welas asih itulah bekal untuk mengarungi kehidupan




Mahamudra Aspiration Prayer

Wishing Prayer for the Attainment of the Ultimate Mahamudra

By The 3rd Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje

Namo Guru
You Lamas, Yidams and Protectors of the power circles,
You victorious Buddhas and your Bodhisattva sons of the ten directions and the three times,
Think lovingly of us and give your blessings
That our wishes may be fulfilled exactly as they are made.

Arising from the snow mountain of the perfectly pure thoughts and actions of ourselves and all beings,
May the river of good deeds, unsullied by the concept of a separation into three,
Flow into the ocean of the four Buddha-states.

Until that happens, may we, in all lifetimes, from one birth to the next,
Never once hear the sound of pain or suffering,
But instead experience oceans of radiant goodness and joy.

Having attained a free and fully endowed birth,
A precious human life with confidence, diligence, and wisdom,
Relying upon a spiritual teacher and receiving his Essential instructions,
May we then practice the precious teachings without hindrance in this and all future lives.

Hearing the teachings frees us from the veils of ignorance.
Contemplating the Oral instructions removes the darkness of doubt.
The light arising from meditation makes clear the nature of mind, exactly as it is.
May the light of these three wisdoms increase.

May we receive the flawless teachings, the foundation of which are the two truths
Which are free from the extremes of eternalism and nihilism,
And through the supreme path of the two accumulations, free from the extremes of negation and affirmation,
May we obtain the fruit which is free from the extremes of either,
Dwelling in the conditioned state or in the state of only peace.

The basis of purification is the mind itself in its union of clarity and emptiness.
The method of purification is the great Mahamudra Diamond-practice.
What is to be purified are the transitory illusory impurities.
The fruit of the purification is the perfectly pure truth-state.
May this become realized.

Overcoming doubts concerning the fundamental teaching gives trust in the view.
Protecting this view without distraction is the essence of meditation.
Correct meditation in itself is best behavior.
May we trust the view, the meditation and the conduct.

All phenomena are projections of the mind.
Mind is not a mind; the mind is empty in essence.
Although empty, everything constantly arises in it.
Through the deepest examination of the mind may we find its innermost root.

Self-manifestation, which has never existed as such, is erroneously seen as an object.
Through ignorance, self-awareness is mistakenly experienced as an I.
Through attachment to this duality we are caught in the conditioned world.
May the root of confusion be found.

It is not existent for even the Buddhas do not see it.
It is not non-existent, being the basis for both samsara and nirvana.
It is not the opposites, nor both, nor something else, but rather their union – the middle way.
May we realize the true nature of mind, which is beyond extremes.

It cannot be described by saying, It is.
It cannot be denied by saying, It is not.
The incomprehensible absolute reality is not composite.
May we achieve certainty about the correctness of this ultimate meaning.

As long as this is not recognized, the wheel of existence turns.
When this is understood, the state of Buddha is nothing other than that.
There is nothing that can be described as either existing or not existing.
May the nature of reality, the true nature of the Buddha mind, be recognized.

Appearance is only mind, emptiness is only mind, enlightenment is only mind, and confusion is only one’s own mind.
Arising is only mind; disappearance is only mind.
May every doubt and hesitation that concerns the mind be overcome.

May we neither be sullied by forced intellectual meditation nor disturbed by the winds of everyday life.
May we skillfully hold onto our practice concerning the nature of mind.

May the immovable ocean of meditative peace,
Where the waves of subtle and gross thoughts come to rest through their own power, and
Where the waters of the unmoving mind remain in themselves,
Unspotted by laziness, sleepiness or unclarity, become stable.

If again and again we examine the mind, which cannot be examined,
We see that which cannot be seen, with total clarity, just as it is.
May the faultless mind, freed from all doubts about being and not being, recognize itself.

Through the examination of external objects we see the mind, not the objects.
Through the examination of the mind we see its empty essence, but not the mind.
Through the examination of both, attachment to duality disappears by itself.
May the clear light, the true essence of mind, be recognized.

Being without intellectual concepts, it is called the Great Sign, or Mahamudra.
Being without extremes, it is called the Great Middle Way, or Madhyamika.
As it embraces everything, it is called the Great Perfection, or Maha-Ati.
May we have the confidence that the experience of one is the experience of the meaning of all.

May we constantly and effortlessly experience the never-ending highest joy, which is without attachment,
The clear light that is without categories or veils of obscuration, and
The spontaneous, concept-free state that is beyond intellect.

Attachment to pleasant experiences vanishes of its own accord.
Illusory and negative thoughts are in their essence pure, like space.
In that simple state of mind there is nothing that must be given up or developed, avoided or attained.
May the truth of the uncomplicated nature of reality be realized.

Although the true nature of beings is always the Buddha essence,
Still we always wander in the ceaseless wheel of life, not understanding that.
May infinite compassion arise for the limitless suffering of all beings.

Although this infinite compassion is strong and unceasing,
The truth of its empty nature arises nakedly the very moment it appears.
This union of emptiness and compassion is the highest faultless way.
May we meditate inseparable from it, the whole time, day and night.

May we attain the state of Buddha through maturity, realization, and completion,
And develop beings through divine eyes and clear sight arising through the power of meditation.
May we realize the Buddha fields and fulfill the wishing prayer of the perfection of the Buddha qualities.

You Buddhas and Bodhisattvas from the ten directions,
Through your compassion and through the power of all the pure and good that exists,
May the pure wishing prayers of ourselves and all beings be fulfilled,
Just as they were made.





sebuah tempat dinamakan rumah..
ketika tidak ada yang benar dan salah disana.
tidak ada yang besar dan kecil. semuanya sama.
tidak ada si kaya dan si miskin.
tidak ada dualitas antara aku dan kamu. semuanya satu rasa.
tidak ada konflik. tidak ada pertentangan. semuanya dalam harmoni.
tidak ada lagi keinginan dan rasa takut.
semuanya ada. semuanya tercukupi.
lega, tenang, dan..

Trondheim, 1 April 2017.


Heart Advice of Padampa Sangye

  1.  Child, don’t be sectarian.
  2. Child, understand the differences between the yanas with wisdom, not with grasping and clinging.
  3. Child, the sign of a great scholar is seeing everything as “one taste.”
  4. Child, if you realize that everything is mind, then there are no contradictions.
  5. Child, if you drink the milk of the sky, you will be totally satisfied.
  6. Child, if you give up all karmic activities, you will achieve permanent peace.
  7. Child, if you continue residing in caves and hermitages, the dakinis and dharmapalas will always gather around you.
  8. Child, if you meditate alone, you will naturally receive blessings.
  9. Child, if you meditate that the lama is always on your crown chakra, you will easily receive all the blessings.
  10. Child, if you contact all the dakinis of the three places, you will accomplish every beneficial activity.
  11. Child, if you give up all worldly affairs, that itself is Dharma.
  12. Child, if you exhaust your self-importance, the benefit of all beings is right there.
  13. Child, if you accomplish the fearlessness of realization, you achieve the highest of Dharma activities.
  14. Child, if you contact your inner wisdom, you will never be separate from great bliss.
  15. Child, if you remember the instructions all the time, you will always gain great certainty wisdom.
  16. Child, if you fear birth and death, meditate on rigpa awareness.
  17. Child, if you feel physical discomfort, you must rely on rigpa awareness meditation.
  18. Child, if you are distracted by external activities, you should focus your mind inward.
  19. Child, if your meditation becomes foggy and dull, merge your awareness with the sky.
  20. Child, if you are tired and bored with the practice, relax your mind in the deep nature.
  21. Child, if your mind is scattered, be in a state of “single thought.”
  22. Child, if your practice is increasing, there is no other commitment needed.
  23. Child, if grasping obscures your view, don’t be timid about cutting it away.
  24. Child, keep the Lama in your heart all the time, and all good qualities will come naturally.
  25. Child, give up worldly concerns and focus on the practice.
  26. Child, all the beings of the six realms are our parents; therefore, do not forsake your compassion for them.
  27. Child, all the activities of this world have no meaning; therefore, don’t get carried away by them.
  28. Child, everything is illusion; therefore, see everything as a display of the unborn.
  29. Child, this body is no different from earth and stone; therefore, don’t grasp.
  30. Child, this life is nothing but a dream; therefore, relax your mind in the original state.
  31. Child, death is inevitable—don’t be afraid.
  32. Child, the five poisons are constant obstacles; therefore, restrengthen your five wisdoms.
  33. Child, body and consciousness will certainly separate; therefore, meditate on the natural state.
  34. Child, the body is rented and must be abandoned; therefore, keep permanent residence in the true nature.
  35. Child, death will come soon; therefore, use your time well.
  36. Child, the bardo passage is long and narrow, so prepare now for that voyage.
  37. Child, concepts are wild and stubborn, so remain mindful at all times.
  38. Child, if you have no duality, that is the view.
  39. Child, when you realize that your mind is dharmakaya, that is meditation.
  40. Child, if you are not hypocritical and out of control, that is conduct.
  41. Child, if you don’t have deceitful thoughts, that is samaya.
  42. Child, if you realize that the nature of mind contains the three kayas, that is the fruit.
  43. Child, if you have realization that is unceasing and free from being born, then you are free from death.
  44. Child, if you control your winds and mind, all your wishes will be fulfilled.
  45. Child, if you perform the ganachakra (tsok) ceremony often, the dakinis will gather.
  46. Child, if you perform tsok and offer tormas, dharmapalas will gather around you.
  47. Child, if you complete the mantra recitations with meditation, powers will come.
  48. Child, if you meditate on the unborn, you will cut down samsara.
  49. Child, if you complete the six perfections, realization will come.
  50. Child, if you purify the winds of the life force, disease will disappear.
  51. Child, by accepting ascetic hardship, joy comes naturally.
  52. Child, if you master your mind, bliss will come.
  53. Child, if you don’t grasp to your body and mind, in your next life you will become famous.
  54. Child, if you give up your body, this is the ultimate protection.
  55. Child, if you become forgetful of the teaching, you go against the teachings of the Buddha.
  56. Child, if you give Dharma for worldly reasons, you will be punished by dakinis.
  57. Child, if you speak beautifully but behave badly, you become the worst of practitioners.
  58. Child, talk won’t help others; therefore, act for their benefit.
  59. Child, if you realize that mind is the source of samsara and nirvana, that is Buddha.
  60. Child, the final reward is the realization that there is nothing to be gained.
  61. Child, give up your concerns with this life: think of your future lives.
  62. Child, use the three poisons as the path, and the three kayas will naturally come.
  63. Child, if your mind is not wandering in duality, that is dharmakaya.
  64. Child, if you can benefit others without distraction, that is rupakaya.
  65. Child, the fruit of the three kayas comes from your mind and nowhere else.
  66. Child, if you listen to what I say and keep it in your heart, you will become my supreme heart child.
  67. Child, when you have anger and attachment, watch those thoughts.



highest view

Segala sesuatu yg ada adalah suci, murni …

Yg membedakan baik atau buruk, kecil atau besar, dan segala dualitas lainnya adalah si ego.

Beri jeda sejenak, beri jarak, hening (mind the gap)

Jangan terjemurus dalam penilaian (judgement).

Jangan menjadi auto-pilot karena kebiasaan2 yg sudah2.

Tapi pikirkan mengapa itu terjadi ? mengapa bisa begitu ?

Bertanya dan mencoba mengerti..

Semuanya adalah persepsi.

Biasakan melihat hal2 positif dalam segala sesuatu (always look at the bright side)

Karena semuanya adalah suci. Semuanya adalah pelajaran (teaching).

Niscaya kedamaian akan kita peroleh.