Di puncak Candi Borobudur bisa ditemui sumpah bodhisattva. Mahluk apakah bodhisattva itu ?

Berikut kutipan dari bab 3 buku Bodhicaryavatara (sumber dari sini).

May I eliminate the pain of hunger and thirst
With a shower of food and drink;
And, in the times of the middle eons of famine,
May I myself change into food and drink.

For limited beings, destitute and poor,
May I become a treasure that never runs out
And remain in their presence
As a variety of sorts of useful things.

May I be a guardian for those with no guardian,
A pathfinder for those who are on the road,
And a boat, a ship, and a bridge
For those who would cross.

May I be an island for those seeking an island,
A lamp for those desiring a lamp,
A bed for everyone wishing a bed,
And a servant for every embodied being
 who would want a servant.

May I be a wish-granting gem, a vase of excellence,
Mantras of pure awareness, magnificent medicine,
Wish-granting trees, and cows of plenty
For embodied beings.

And eternally, like earth and so on –
The great elements – and space,
May I serve, in a plenitude of forms, as the basis for life
For fathomless numbers of limited beings.

Sekilas tampak mulia sekali, bukan? Lebih lanjut tentang bodhisattva ini bisa dibaca di buku ini: Bodhicaryavatara


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