PhD Study

ETH Zurich

Last week I went to summer school on optimization at ETH Zurich. One of prominent technical universities in the world that produced 21 Nobel laureates.  The picture above is view from back side of ETH Zurich.

From the school, I got lectures on Mixed Integer cutting plane, Evolutionary computing, generalized problem of moments. The last topic intersects a bit with my research. It was about the usage semidefinite programming in optimal control. Frankly speaking, I didn’t really understand what all the topics were. Needless to say, I have to focus on linear algebra and analysis, in particular functional analysis.

Coincidentally, there was a football match between Italy against French at Zurich last week. Since I don’t have any intention to watch, I decided not to watch directly in Zurich stadium. I and my wife only watched it from TV and you know the ticket price was quite expensive, around 199 CHF (if I’m not mistaken). I prefer to buy Victorinox instead to buy football match ticket :p There are two big screens for football enthusiasm at Belleveu nearby the city central. The weather in Zurich was very nice, it was around 27 degree Celsius. It made me feel like in Indonesia. Now I’m back to North and, of course,  back to cold weather again 🙂


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