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Last week, on Saturday I went to Smart *kind of a supermarket* to buy Mie Gaga. But unluckily I found all the Mie Gaga are sold out. I saw an empty box Mie Gaga.. Hmm..

Nevermind.. I still have some of Yumyum, a thailand made noddle, although has not similar taste with Mie Gaga I enjoy it.

So to make myself, complacent with Mie Gaga or Indomie to be exact. Just watch following tv ads Here the supermarket only sells Mie Gaga. FYI, Indomie is the most favourable instant noddle in Indonesia.


One thought on “Indomie

  1. Hahaha…yum yum.. not bad.
    Try the Vegetable taste. It’s so typical “Mamee”, back to the time when I was a kid.
    Better learn how to cook when you’re abroad. ;D (I’m not talking that you should cook ayam betutu, though…)

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