new update

Aahh… long time I’m not gonna updated this blog. Just to inform you, right now I’m back to campus as a research fellow. Almost 3 years, busy with SAP and its practicalities and now I’m starting my control systems study. A lot about mathematic, dynamical systems, calculus such as derivation, integration, optimization methods, needless to say : the things I want to explore in 2002. Thank God, I got it now.. although it is come late. But luckily, I don’t need to spent money to pursue my goal. Initially, I though I should spent my saving in order to continue my study about Control Systems.

I always passionate with embedded systems and math. In my high school years, I really keen in mathematic subject and brought me took Control Engineering as my major in Department of Electrical Engineering. In the fourth year, my final project was not about Control Theory but it was about embedded systems. Yes..lecturer at LSKK lab, prefer to give applied hardware and software programming instead of control in term of theory. So, the only mathematic backgrounds I had are elementary math as high school students. Perhaps Calculus in first year of university student. I realized I got lecture in Nonlinear Control, Optimal Control, Optimization method, but I can’t remember what I’ve got from that lecture. If I might say, I’m bit remember about Control Systems lecture (Katsuhito Ogata book), Digital Control System, from Mr. Eniman. He delivered the courses clearly..

So, I have a lot of home work. Try to catch up with nonlinear control. But again, I must to thanks because people here are using book of Hasan Khalil. It is a matter of goodwill to regularly read that book..


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