Eunos – Singapore

Nothing to do, started to learn about Authorization, Optimization and Control (brush up my knowledge). I’m waiting so long after my project in Jakarta. Do you notice I added new Categories? Finally, I got a chance to continue my study. Just search with keyword : Eka Suwartadi + NTNU in google,then you will know 🙂

Today just like other days, I’m waiting. Sick of doing nothing. To let you know, I’m staying in Eunos Crescent right now. New apartment rent that I find quickly before 2nd of this month. Not bad. But too near with MRT station. I can not sleep before 12.00 at night everyday since there are still MRT noises.


2 thoughts on “Eunos – Singapore

  1. I think you have found it my friend…., you know… THE WAY TO FREEDOM. Good luck with your Phd, I’ll find my way too someday

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