Long Way to trip

Tomorrow, I’m going to Porsea. A city nearby Lake Toba, not really near I think. It takes 1 hour from there, 5 hours from Medan. What a long trip ! This could be a long journey after years I’m enjoying airplane travelling. But I have experience more than 24 hours trip by bus in the year 1998-2002. Yup… When I was a undergraduate student. Taking bus from Bandung to Bali. Hmm… no need to worry tomorrow then.

OK, stop doing anything. Go to bed now.. Coz tomorrow I will fly by airplane at 7.50 AM to Medan. Meaning I should in Changi Airport 1 hour before the plane take off, for check in purpose. I will keep update my activies here…

I like on site project.. Because it needs heavily contact with users. Luckily, the users are Indonesians!!! So.. I have no problem speaking with them. I wish I could excel in this project. I hope I will gain great knowledge and more insight about SAP in this project. Sorry I can’t name my client company. For the clue, it is also a RGMI company…

Time to sleep…

Good Nite..

Wish All the Best..


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