week of hiatus..

last week I spent a week on vacation.after taking much kerja rodi finally I got permission to take vacation.. *deep breathe*.engaged, on very-demanding-user-project made me work harder and harder.imagine I could write code midnight! even when i very very very sleepy on 4 AM in morning! my code is used as crucial program during month-end-closing. easily changed by business process which user want *sigh* capek man! forget about it, now I back to 'headquarter' doing self-study project in other word nganggur, not quite nganggur there are something left with documentation and bug fixing.

ok..talking about my other comfortable place than home šŸ™‚ i enjoyed stay at home, watched tv, together my mom,father, and young brother, also my nephews and a niece. One of my nephew, putu, become my photo object. Kakyang-polisi said he 'the-poto-model' hehe.. since he like to be pictured. He funny and menggemaskan, sering gw jahilin..hehe.. Ini foto2 dia šŸ˜€




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