Embedded Linux

Embedded x86

What's that?

In term of computer architecture x86 processor commonly used to build a personal computer – a generic computer. Then how come it can be embedded?

From old-used personal computer (PC) motherboard, we can play embedded system there. Ushering by reading an email in ITB-L mailing list, about the 'Opus Dei', masterpiece that one drop-out student in ITB (http://www.itb.ac.id) who wrote a book then searching information regarding to this guy. After asking my friend, I know who is he.. My junior in electrical engineering.. I googling and found his website http://www.geocities.com/mamanzip/index.html

I amazed what he have done, made me fascinated to learn about BIOS (Basic Input Output System). It touches low level programming of PC, Assembly. Yes Assembly !!! He wrote many articles regarding to assembly language in x86 and the most interesting thing Reverse Engineering, meaning disassembly languange. Interesting???  


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