Abroad Trip

putrajaya My trip to Putrajaya last week, when I visited Kuala Lumpur (KL). What a beautiful place ! Don’t miss to come there if you go to KL. I stayed in KL for 2 weeks. Conduct a core training in my firm, a fabulous experience since i’ve joined my current firm i work in. Meet friends from different countries. Speaking in English in daily basis.. Hope this improve my english.

Back to Jakarta, back to MEPI project again. My supervisor said I was in tranquil area, that was right I was in KL. There are heavy issues pertaining to my programs. A friend of mine handled it. And made him went home late at night. For a week he went home at 1.30 PM !!! Project Manager here always monitored his progress and literally came to his desk, asked : ‘What the progress?’… Really I salvaged by training..

Now I’m back, the situation much better…

Enjoy Jakarta again 😀

Yearning of KL…


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