One Last Week..


Finally, I get a chance to write here, in my newly blog. Many things happen this week. I’ll to share this to all of you, my beloved blog’s reader. Hehehe.. πŸ˜‰

Since Monday, i’m engaging in development ABAP code for a cost allocation calculation in Controlling module in SAP. Really, the functional requirements are still not fixed yet. After quite a long time, I’ve waited asking functional person, this week he came with an email that informing the test data was ready. Thanks God πŸ™‚ It was such a futile time, I was confuse to do what next, just saw my coding work. But don’t know what I have to do. Wanna to validate my code, but the data wasn’t ready. The table, in this term CATSDB, was not maintained. Inputting data to that table not that easy. The functional person need to posting to certain type of transaction code so that the data will be filled to that table. Then it went…n i’ve test data πŸ™‚

Β After that, my time to test the program. Not a simple one. I need to ensure, the calculation, the automatic posting thru BDC process (something of BULK processing,i’m not mistaken). I tested my program n…I tensed when in second round, the currencies went to negative 😦 I asked functional person, God, the program was designed to run once a month. So it was correct, if I run in the second round the program will give currency value either zero or negative πŸ™‚


Another thing still came in my mind, there was a requirement that still not fixed yet. About the cost centre groups. I assumed this was confirming fix, so I coded it. I put it as comment out, to make easy to remove when it confirm become real.


Meanwhile, other problem with my physical condition. I think get flu, my head is sick. Around 7 PM in afternoon everday in this week, I feel my head so heavy, made me difficult to take a walk back to my home (kost-an). Ussually, I take a walk from office to my home, when work for a day finish. I took a cabs, quite expensive ten thousand rupiah 😦 I wish I’ll recover soon…

Tomorrow is yesterday…

What a great day!!! πŸ˜€Β 


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